Performing at our best, whether at work, home or during sport and exercise is vital. We know that a balanced, varied diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables will help achieve this. Sometimes, though, our regular diet just isn’t nutritious enough and we need a superfood boost.

Performance-boosting nutrition

What if you could increase your energy levels, concentration and focus with a delicious addition to your diet? Our homegrown, organically produced superfoods are incredibly rich in nutrients and enzymes to help support your gut and digestive health and make you feel fantastic.

How wheatgrass juice can support your health

  • Energy & vitality booster

    Our organic outdoor grown wheatgrass juice, produced at our farm,  supports optimum energy levels and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. You’ll notice an immediate and lasting energy boost.

  • Performance

    If your body is nourished, you will flourish - it’s that simple. Peak performance, both mentally and physically, is only possible when we are giving our bodies the nutrients they need.

  • Immunity & blood health

    Wheatgrass juice contains high levels of chlorophyll and is rich in vitamins A, B5, B12 and E to boost your immune system and blood cell function.

More ways Wheatgrass Juice can support your health

We understand that nutrition is at the heart of a healthy life. That is why we specialise in producing organic superfood juices that can benefit you in so many ways.

  • Boost Immunity

    Supporting our immunity isn't just about avoiding colds and flu.

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  • Improve digestion

    Digestion is the foundation of good health & energy.

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  • Improve digestion

    Achieving sustainanle weight los can be a challenge.

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  • Reduce cholesterol

    Eating superfoods can help lower cholesterol levels.

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  • Optimise skin health

    Eat your way to glowing healthy skin.

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