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Locally Grown

We’ve been developing our wheatgrass juice for over 15 years now and we quickly discovered it must be grown outdoors to reach its full nutritional potential.

That’s why our wheatgrass is never grown in small indoor trays with little or no soil, but instead is grown in the beautiful British countryside.

Our wheatgrass grows outdoors in local Northamptonshire fields during nature’s own seasonal cycles. This natural process is over a two to three-month period, using sustainable farming methods before a gentle harvest.

Organic Farming Method

We use traditional organic, deep root farming methods to ensure our processes protect the environment while also maximising our crops’ nutritional properties.

Our crop rotation techniques and fallowing feed the land so the land can then feed our wheatgrass and superfood crops.

Our other fruits and vegetables are grown in UK-based fields using traditional farming methods. All of our crops are organic* and completely free of herbicides and pesticides.

*Excluding red grapes and raspberries which are responsibly sourced

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Our harvesting method

We only harvest our outdoor grown wheatgrass when it has reached its optimum height of between 10cm and 17cm.

This means the crops are reaped just before the jointing stage when the plant contains the most nutrients possible in preparation for its next significant growth spurt. That’s why our wheatgrass and superfood juices retain the maximum amount of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

We carefully harvest to ensure the delicate grass isn’t bruised. And our other fruits and vegetables are selected by hand to always ensure a superior quality product.

Protecting our environment

We are passionately committed to protecting nature and the local environment. All of our farming and harvesting methods show awareness and respect to the local surroundings.

The little produce that we don’t grow ourselves is sourced responsibly by working closely with farmers to find the best-quality raspberries and red grapes.

In the Autumn of 2021 we started using new packaging that’s even more environmentally-friendly. And our founder Britt is passionate about conservation and supporting new environmental initiatives.

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