When we began to develop our Wheatgrass juice over 15 years ago, we discovered that Wheatgrass must be grown outdoors in  order to reach its full potential, as opposed to being grown in small indoor trays with little or no soil. Our Wheatgrass is grown locally, outdoors in the Northamptonshire countryside during nature’s own seasonal cycles over a two to three-month period. 


We use traditional organic deep root farming methods to ensure  protection of nature and the environment, and crop rotation techniques and fallowing, which feeds the land so the land can feed our crops. Our other fruits  and vegetables are grown in UK-based fields to traditional farming methods. All of our crops are totally organic* and completely free of herbicides and pesticides. 

(*Excluding red grapes and raspberries which are responsibly sourced).


We harvest our outdoor grown Wheatgrass when it has reached its optimum height of between 10cm and 17cm, just before the jointing stage when the plant contains its most powerful energy in preparation for its next significant growth spurt. We carefully harvest to ensure that the delicate grass is not bruised. Our other fruits and vegetables are selected by hand to ensure a superior quality product.


We are passionately committed to protecting nature and the local environment. All of our farming and harvesting methods show awareness and respect to the local surroundings. We also contribute to nature conservation through our work with the international nature conservation charity, Natura International.