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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Relax

We're proud to introduce our new environmentally friendly packaging. Many of you have asked us for this and we're so pleased we can now give it to you! 

For the past couple of years, we've been looking at solutions to keep our juices frozen and safe whilst being delivered to you, but that are also better for the environment. And today we're glad to announce we've now found it.

The new insulation inside our packaging is made from recycled plastic bottles. This rPET is made from recycled plastic waste, which stops plastic items from entering landfill sites or our oceans.

Plastic can take thousands of years to break down and can leak toxic chemicals into the earth. This, in turn, can leak into our water and ecosystems. So, stopping plastics from entering the land can be extremely beneficial to our planet and our population.

Once the items have been gathered and cleaned, they're melted into plasma, from which new items can be formed. In this case, that's the insulation for our new packaging.

Our insulation contains the equivalent of ten recycled plastic bottles, which means we're not only saving our landfill sites but are encouraging recycling plants to recycle plastics.

Like all businesses recycling locations need to make money and if they're not making a profit from the items they're collecting, they will simply stop collecting them. By using recycled products, we're sending the message that there's a demand for them and that we need the recycling programmes to continue. 

It also means we can reduce our need for new raw materials as our recycled insulation can be recycled time and time again. Either by sending it back to us, popping it into your recycling bin or reusing it yourself as an insulation material.

Using recycled materials is also more energy efficient as it takes less water content than making plastics from scratch, up to 75% less! This means less demand for natural resources and fewer carbon emissions during the production process.

We're really pleased with our new packaging and feel it's much more in line with our company ethics and ethos. We grow our raw materials organically and as nature intended, with traditional farming methods to allow the land to breathe and grow.

We harvest natural goodness to bring you the best that nature can supply so are pleased we can now take one more step towards helping mother nature and protecting our planet.

Here are some fun ways to reuse our new packaging:

  • Send it back to us,
    • it’s lightweight to post and we would be very happy to reuse it. Unfortunately, we cannot provide postage but if you would like to add your contribution to our environment, we would be very happy to accept it. 
  • Use it when you go shopping
    • When you have frozen goods pop them in your Britt’s Superfoods bag and they will remain cold until you get home
  • Use it for a picnic
    • A great insulating layer for when taking food outside
  • Use it under your pet bed
    • The insulation will add an extra layer of warmth for the cooler months

All of the outer packaging is also recyclable so, you can always pop the whole thing in the recycling bin.

We're always looking at ways to improve, develop and maintain our relationship with nature and would love to hear from you if you have further ideas on how we could do this.

If you would like to order our organic superfood juices to give you an extra boost and enhance performance, visit our store today and choose your favourite.


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