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The Benefits of Detoxing - does it really work?

Some people do not understand what a detox is or if it is even possible to detoxify the body. But actually it is a totally natural process, which the organs undertake every minute of every hour – every day.

Your body naturally cleanses / detoxifies to get rid of, or neutralize, unwanted food residues or toxins. It is an important function of the body, which is constantly in process.

The detox programme with Wheatgrass Juice, other superfood greens and some special detoxifiers simply supports and improves your body’s own detoxification systems.

We are very aware as a culture of our external cleanliness, we brush teeth and wash daily. I see the body’s detoxification as a natural internal cleansing. It is mainly our liver that detoxifies the body but toxins are also eliminated through the intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when this system is compromised, toxins and impurities aren’t properly eliminated, then every cell in the body can be adversely affected with sometimes quite serious consequences, leading to diseases.

The purpose of a detox programme is primarily to support these organs of elimination so that toxins in the body can be metabolized and excreted.

A detox program can help the body’s natural cleansing process by:

  1. Resting the organs through only drinking juices;
  2. Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body;
  3. Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin;
  4. Improving blood circulation and
  5. Refueling the body with healthy nutrients.

“Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life,” says Peter Bennett, N.D., co-author of 7-Day Detox Miracle with Stephen Barrie, N.D., and Sara Faye.

How do you know if you need to detoxify?

Everyone should detox at least once a year, but nursing mothers, children, and patients with some chronic diseases should avoid it. Consult your health care practitioner if you have questions about whether detoxing is right for you.

Today, with more toxins in the environment than ever, “it’s critical to detox,” says Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D., the author of Detoxification. Linda Page recommends detoxing for symptoms such as:

  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Sluggish elimination
  • Irritated skin
  • Allergies
  • Low-grade infections
  • Puffy eye or bags under the eyes
  • Bloating
  • Menstrual problems
  • Mental confusion

How do you start a detox?

First, reduce the amount of toxins you introduce to your body. This means eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats, all of which act as toxins in the body. Also, minimise use of chemical-based household cleaners and personal health care products (cleansers, shampoos, deodorants and toothpastes), and substitute with natural alternatives.

During a detox it is also important to take care of your metal state, as stress, for example, triggers your body to release stress hormones. While these hormones can provide the “adrenaline rush” to win a race or meet a deadline, in large amounts they create toxins and slow down detoxification enzymes in the liver. Meditation or yoga are very effective ways to relieve stress and are great daily practices, and particularly helpful during your detox.

Which detox program is right for you?

There are many detoxification programs and detox recipes, depending on your individual needs. Many programs follow a 7-day schedule because, as Peter Bennett explains, “it takes the body time to clean the blood.” His program involves fasting on liquids for two days, followed by a carefully-planned five-day detox diet to allow the digestive system to rest. Linda Page recommends a 3-7 day juice fast (drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juices and water) as an effective way to release toxins.

Here are five favourite detox programmes:

  1. Simple Fruit and Vegetable Detox (You eat only fruits and vegetables in your meals)
  2. Juice cleanse (only drink freshly extracted juices)
  3. Smoothie cleanse (you only drink freshly extracted smoothies)
  4. Sugar Detox (eliminate all sugar, also honey and fruits from your diet)
  5. Hypoallergenic Detox (a specialised diet for various conditions)

Top 10 ways to help your body detox

After you have finished your detox, you can support and further cleanse your body daily with these diet, supplements and lifestyle practices:

  1. Eat plenty of fiber, including brown rice and organically-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Beetroot, Wheatgrass Juice, Kale, radishes, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli and seaweed are excellent detoxifying foods.
  1. Cleanse and protect the liver by taking herbs such as dandelion root, burdock and milk thistle, and drinking green tea.
  1. Add kale, peppers, guava, kiwi, and berries in your smoothies and salads, as they contain high levels of vitamin C, which helps the body produce glutathione, a liver compound that drives away toxins.
  1. Drink at least two liters of water a day.
  1. Breathe deeply to allow oxygen to circulate more completely through your system.
  1. Meditate or do relaxing exercises daily to reduce stress.
  1. Practice hydrotherapy by taking a very hot shower for five minutes, allowing the water to run on your back. Follow with cold water for 30 seconds. Do this three times, and then get into bed for 30 minutes.
  1. Sweat in a sauna so your body can eliminate wastes through perspiration.
  1. Dry brush your skin to remove toxins through your pores. Special brushes are available at natural products stores.
  1. Exercise is a really effective way to detoxify. Try yoga, jogging, tennis or dance – any sport that brings up the circulation and brings you pleasure. Qigong, is particularly good as this martial-arts based exercise system also includes exercises specifically for detoxifying or cleansing.

Consult your doctor before using any health treatment — including herbal supplements and natural remedies — and tell your doctor if you have a serious medical condition or are taking any medications. The information presented here is for educational purposes only and is in no way intended as substitute for medical counseling.

Dr Frank Lipman has put thousands of people through his Cleanse Workshops and their positive feedback has been inspiring and empowering— he shares here some of the feedback with you!

“I finished the 2-week cleanse, and I am into week three of the Dr. Lipman transformation. I am completely off coffee and love looking forward to my morning herbal tea with lemon. I have more energy than I ever have! I sleep like a baby. Best of all, my tummy is flatter than a pancake. This has been fantastic! I can’t sing enough praises about the Be Well Cleanse! –Stephanie

“I feel great! I’m happy to have the tools and support to continue in this healthy journey. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my memory, concentration and energy since the Cleanse began. My 4-year-old daughter loves playing the matching game, and I realize my memory game skills have improved drastically much to my little one’s dismay.” –Tracy

“I have lost 6 lbs, so far. My energy is better and sleeping better too.” –Jamie

“So thankful I tried this program. A few life changes and challenges threw me off course for 6 months and once I started the Cleanse, I felt so much better. I have lost most of the weight that crept up these past few months and started working out again. I have more energy and the carb cravings have been tamed—dare I say, they’ve disappeared. For me, weaning off of coffee prior to starting was a huge help.” –Karen


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