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How do you store Wheatgrass Juice

 Fresh wheatgrass juice needs to be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 days, although it will lose nutritional value quickly after juicing.

We freeze our Wheatgrass Juice and our other juices within minutes through a specialised freezing method that ensures everything in the juices stay locked in, so you get the full benefit of all the nutrients. We regularly do research on our juices with independent universities and the results show that our juices contain the same level of nutrients (i.e. antioxidants and chlorophyll) as freshly juiced juices. 

Our outdoor grown organic Wheatgrass Juice is flash frozen immediately after juicing and research shows that there is no loss of antioxidants and chlorophyll for up to 2 years in the freezer.

Britt’s Superfoods does all the hard work for you to provide easy to use single sachets of organic Wheatgrass Juice that you can take out of the freezer and use whenever you want.

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