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Does wheatgrass detox your body?

Yes, wheatgrass can help detox our bodies.

In today's world, we are often overfed and undernourished because we eat foods that are nutrient-depleted and contain chemicals, even our water contains chlorine! Add to this our busy lifestyles, limited time, and too many things do, and often it is our nutrition that suffers.

This overload of toxins on our bodies can cause us to perform below par and even make us ill. In order to counteract this, we need to detox and wheatgrass juice is fantastic at helping us do this.

Chlorophyll rich wheatgrass juice can be used when detoxing to keep the body fed with nutrients and to stop us feeling hungry, whilst we are changing our eating habits. It also helps to draw out the toxins in the body to speed up the detox process.

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