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Beyond the Shot Glass: Wheatgrass Juice Pairing Ideas

Delivered to you frozen, our exquisite organic wheatgrass juice preserves its nutrients until you're ready to enjoy them. Upon arrival, store the sachets in your home freezer until the moment calls for a burst of superfood vitality.

For optimal nutrient retention, we recommend consuming the juice soon after defrosting. Now, the enjoyment is in your hands.

Would you fancy a refreshing long drink, a quick shot, a cooler, or perhaps a nutrient-packed smoothie? Our organic wheatgrass juice, conveniently packaged in 30ml one-shot sachets, allows for whatever your preference is.

You can elevate your experience by mixing it with a variety of superfood juices from our extensive range, providing a unique flavour profile and enhanced nutritional benefits.

Alternatively, blend it with water for a crisp and clean option, or a tasty organic apple juice or maybe coconut water, alternatively seamlessly incorporate it into your regular smoothie for an added nutrient boost.

The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless. Here are some delightful ways to savour our fresh organic wheatgrass juice:

🌱Neat- just drink it on its own

🌱 With an organic mixer make it long with some organic apple juice or we like apple and mango

🌱If you don't fancy fruit juice try coconut water or cucumber water

🌱 In a smoothie

🌱Try a mocktail

🌱 As a shot, mix with a little water and enjoy

The choice is yours. To order your organic wheatgrass juice visit our shop here today.




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