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Top 5 Tips for Summer

With temperatures rising, flowers blooming and picnics being considered, it can only mean one thing- Summer is here.  However this season also brings its own challenges, here are out TOP 5 tips for staying well and making the most of this glorious season. 

1. Stay hydrated
We need to consume 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day and even more when its hot. To avoid dehydration ensure to drink before you feel thirsty.The best way to do this is to continually sip some water throughout the day. Avoid too much alcohol or caffeine as this can dehydrate you and enjoy some home made flavoured water, herbal teas or some of our organic juices mixed with fresh apple juice. Drinking plenty of water can also help with allergies such as Hayfever so is the No.1 recommendation on our list.

2. Look after your skin
As the temperature rises and we spend more time outside our skin is exposed to more sunlight and potentially harmful UV rays. Whilst the Vitamin D we gain from sunlight is really beneficial we need to protect our skin by using a good quality sun cream. Alternatively loose fitting clothes made from natural fibres are a great way of being able to stay outside for longer without damaging your skin.

3. Watch what you eat
Picnics and barbecues are all part of summer but those BBQ ribs and mayonnaise sandwiches can all hide extra empty calories. Enjoy these tastes of Summer but ensure that they are balanced with fresh fruits and vegetables. Smaller more regular meals can help cool the stomach when its warm so listen to your body and enjoy a variety of small dishes.

4. Exercise
During the warmer weather we can become lethargic and if its hot outside working up more of a sweat may not be ideal! However we do need to maintain regular movement and fitness levels so consider changing your exercise regime, a long walk in the sunshine, yoga on the patio and even some gentle stretching indoors are all beneficial.

5. Sleep

Sleep is vitally important to us all of the time but can be difficult to achieve when it's hot outside. To stay cool ditch the duvet and use a cotton sheet, have a tepid shower before bedtime and open the windows for a breeze. Remember that heat rises so if it's really hot and you can, sleeping downstairs can help.

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