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Field-grown, organic and freshly frozen - the most nutritious Wheatgrass on the market

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Welcome to the Juice Club

Welcome to the way to improve your health and optimise your energy. It is fantastic that one of our satisfied customers or partners has introduced you to Britt’s and we would love to help you improve your state of health.

We all know that nutrients in natural foods can protect us against illnesses. Research shows that 80% of us think we are eating healthy, however, only 5% of us are actually getting sufficient nutrients from our food.

The good news is that this can easily be rectified. By regularly taking our Superfoods juices you can immediately experience the health benefits.


Immediately frozen after juicing to preserve all the goodness.


Field-grown outdoors so all of our crops are organic.


Nothing added and nothing taken away. 100% natural.

"I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle and nutrition but appreciate that today's world doesn't always make it easy to be healthy. At Britt’s Superfoods we are dedicated to helping you and your family live healthily - simply and conveniently."

Dr. Britt Cordi, PhD - Founder

How does it work?

Joining the Juice Club is simple, and you will experience the immediate and longer-term restorative benefits on your immune system, skin, hair, mental performance and energy levels.

Pick a plan

Pick how many bags you would like per month.

Choose your juice

Choose which frozen juices you would like.

Select a date

Pick a delivery date in the cart that suits you.


Sit back and enjoy your juices with monthly delivery.

Included in all plans

  • 1 month supply per bag (30shots)
  • 110% Health Guarantee
  • Exclusive Discount Codes
  • Long term benefits
  • Exclusive loyalty bonus
  • Weekly health advice
  • Free gifts
  • Free delivery
  • Unique recipe videos

Our Plans

1 Bag


Delivered every 2 months.
£1.57 per shot.
£47 per bag.

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2 Bags


Delivered every month.
£1.50 per shot.
£45 per bag.

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3 Bags


Delivered every month.
£1.43 per shot.
£43 per bag.

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4 Bags


Delivered every month.
£1.40 per shot.
£42 per bag.

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6 Bags


Delivered every month.
£1.30 per shot.
£39 per bag.

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Still not sure?

Simply try Wheatgrass Juice or our other Superfood Juices for one month and we guarantee you will be able to notice the difference in your health.

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These prices include an additional 15% discount from normal shop price.
We have a 60 day cancellation period.

Terms & Conditions apply

Health benefits

Our organic superfood juices have a high nutritional value. Frozen immediately, they are natural energy boosters and contain high levels of antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes needed for good health.

Recommend a friend – A great way to experience the health benefits for free!

You get your juices for FREE

As you begin to feel the health benefits, recommend the Juice Club to 3 of your family or friends and get 1 bag of Superfood juice free with every delivery. Recommend to 6 of your friends and get 2 bags free each month. Your friends benefit from 2 weeks Free (worth £42) with their first order, A real Wheatgrass win for all!

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What our customers say

The best wheatgrass out there.

I have tried numerous products on the market, this is the best I have found, with a quick and efficient delivery as well!


My IBS symptoms have improved!

Wheatgrass has helped me so much, I’ve been taking it for 3 months now and most of my IBS symptoms have improved!

Christine, Kent

A great way to start the morning.

I look forward to taking my daily shot of wheatgrass each morning knowing the benefits and how it helps me to feel.

Nalini, Middlesex