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Image of customer Janey Lee Grace BBC Radio 2 Presenter

Janey Lee Grace

BBC Radio 2 Presenter

Imagine my total delight when I discovered Britt's Superfood, who deliver the perfect sized 'shots' to your front door and being field grown and organic. I try not to miss a day and I'm convinced it has helped me hair look shinier and as a family we rarely darken the door of a GP or a pharmacy. As a mum of 4 kids I must confess it's been tricky trying to convince the kids to try my wheatgrass even in juice so I am totally delighted to find these innovative recipes, who would have thought of adding Wheatgrass to home-made Pesto sauce? Not to mention salad dressings and even ice cream! Inspired!!!

It's a gorgeous coffee table (or should I say fresh juice!!) book too, great for beginners and wheatgrass 'aficionados' alike. The images look really fresh and bright and good enough to eat! I'm off to try 'The Raw Foodies Inspiration'.