FAQ Table 2

There are over 100 nutrients in wheatgrass juice, however the law permits us only to show those nutrients that are 15% of the RDA.

Below you can see the nutritional vitamin/mineral table for all our LiveWheatgrass Juices, and the highlighted RDA % for the most prominent and important nutrients. You can find the full list of nutrients of wheatgrass juice in the Sproutsman’s book Nature’s Finest Medicine, by Steve Meyerowitz or on www.wheatgrassevidence.com

Our LiveWheatgrass Juice:

Wheatgrass juice has for many years been highly regarded by health professionals for its nutritional and health properties. Wheatgrass has been referred to by some as a “rainbow food” or “perfect food” due to its vast range of nutrients, integrated by Nature into a natural balance and potency unmatched by synthetic formulations.

Raw Live Wheatgrass Juice is extraordinarily rich in nutrients and chlorophyll and contains high doses of Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E. Drinking Live Wheatgrass juice may support healthy levels and help support:

  • nourish the body
  • support physical, mental performance and sense of well-being
  • encourage a healthy immune system
  • support healthy skin, hair and nails
  • contribute to red blood cell development
  • increase vitality to healthy levels, providing a tangible immediate and long term energy boost
Wheatgrass Juice RDA 100ml RDA%
Vitamin A 409.33mcg 51%
Vitamin B5 5.75 mg 98.5%
Vitamin B12 95.86 mcg 1600%
Vitamin E 14.75 mg 147.5%