Which is best Wheatgrass juice or Wheatgrass powder? - Britt's Superfoods

Which is best Wheatgrass juice or Wheatgrass powder?

Fresh Wheatgrass Juice compared to powdered is a very similar comparison to a fresh apple compared to a dried, powdered apple! The dried, powdered apple is not ‘a live food’, meaning it has lost the beneficial ‘zest’ and enzymes. Similarly, dried powdered wheatgrass juice has lost the ‘zest’ and the enzymes.

As with most processed products the components of different powders vary considerably, some will be stronger than others, some may contain sugars, some may not be grown organically, some may be blended etc.

Frozen Wheatgrass Juice is just as potent and nutritionally rich as freshly juiced Wheatgrass Juice.

Freezing foods or juices dramatically slow down molecular activity, it doesn’t stop or kill it. The lower the freezer temperature, the slower the molecular activity and better quality of the food. Our juice is kept at -18°C and the quality of the juice is just fantastic.

In terms of Wheatgrass Juice, the frozen Britt’s Superfoods Wheatgrass Juice is vastly better than the fresh wheatgrass you can buy or make your-self through the wheatgrass trays. 

With Britt's Superfoods organic Wheatgrass Juice you know what you are getting, simple, pure organic outdoor grown juice.


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