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Wheatgrass juice can aid digestion

Rich in enzymes, wheatgrass juice supports the breakdown of food. Crucially, it also helps us absorb the nutrients we’re consuming.

Rich in chlorophyll, it is a real nutritional powerhouse. It contains a cocktail of nutrients we need to stay healthy, including iron, magnesium, amino acids, phytonutrients and vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

For optimal wellness, our digestive system needs to be in good order. If you've been lacking in energy or under the weather, it could be that some easy changes to your diet will drastically improve your digestive health.

Digestion is often considered the key to good health and more and more research is showing how the gut and brain are connected. Both are connected by the Vagus nerve and studies are indicating that any damage to this nerve can have repercussions on both the brain and gut.

This gut-brain axis (GBA) consists of “bidirectional communication between the central and the enteric nervous system, linking emotional and cognitive centres of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions.” Recent advances in research have described the importance of gut microbiota in influencing these interactions.

Our immune system is also influenced by the health of our gut microbiota Eating a varied diet full of fruit, vegetables and pulses gives us the best chance of creating the right conditions for gut happiness, meaning our immune systems are powered up and ready to go.

So, choosing the right superfoods can absolutely improves your digestion, for example wheatgrass juice. 

Outdoor grown wheatgrass juice is a living food. It supports good energy levels reduces tiredness & fatigue and gives your digestive system a boost. 

We are so certain that our wheatgrass juice will have a positive effect on you that we offer a 110% health guarantee so that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To experience the positive effects of wheatgrass juice for yourself order yours here.

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