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What foods are good for men’s health?

 Men and women share 98.5% of the same DNA so healthy eating philosophies are similar for everyone; plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean meat. However, some foods are especially beneficial to men:


Cherries contain anthocyanins which are anti-inflammatory chemicals, which can help to keep arteries open. It is also good for blood flow below the belt which can help with maintaining erections. Research has shown that cherries can help reduce gout flare-ups which affect men more than women. One study showed that by eating ten cherries a day you can reduce the chance of a flare-up by half.


Containing more zinc than most foods they are especially beneficial for me. Zinc is needed to produce sperm and can increase testosterone levels. It is also thought that zinc may help in the protection against prostate cancer. Men who are zinc deficient have increased chances of an enlarged prostate. 


Tomatoes contain lycopene which is good for prostate health. Research 
has found that men who consumed canned and cooked tomatoes five to six times a week had a 28 per cent decreased risk of prostate cancer compared with men who never consumed this food. 

Cooked tomatoes appear to be the most powerful so a pasta sauce or even a pizza could be just what the doctor ordered! Watermelon, papaya, guava and red carrots also contain lycopene.

Wheatgrass juice:

With high cholesterol a worry for many men, wheatgrass juice can be a welcome addition to the diet. Research shows that eating superfoods, high in vitamins B3 and B5, helps lower cholesterol levels without the need for medication. Naturally occurring phytosterols and phytosterols in plants also reduce low-density lipoprotein- sometimes referred to as ‘ bad cholesterol. 100ml of our organic wheatgrass juice contains over 95% of the RDA of B vitamins.


Specifically walnuts and brazil nuts. Rich in omega three and low in carbohydrates one study showed that men who ate 75g of walnuts per day saw an improvement in the mobility and vitality of their sperm. Brazil. nuts are one of the greatest sources of selenium which is great for male fertility. So if you are looking to become a parent's nuts can play a big role.

Improving your nutrition is beneficial to everyone and an easy way to do this is to introduce one of our superfood juices into your diet. To order yours visit our shop today.

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