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What does chlorophyll do to your body?

25 years ago, while studying for a PhD in molecular biology and nature conservation, our founder Dr. Britt Cordi, discovered the incredible health and wellness benefits of chlorophyll in freshly pressed wheatgrass juice.

She found that through juicing and drinking wheatgrass daily, the eczema she had suffered with since a child was reduced and her skin had become healthier. Since then many innovations have taken place but the benefits of this amazing nutrient-dense powerhouse remain the same. 

Experience shows that chlorophyll can:

  • Help manage hunger and stabilise bold sugar levels
  • Reduce constipation
  • Promote internal cleansing
  • Act as an internal deodorant
  • Boost energy levels

It all makes sense when you think that since time began we have relied upon photosynthesis and green plants for life on earth and it's no different today.

We are advised to consume 1.5 lbs of green vegetables per day for optimal health, the darker the green the better as it contains more chlorophyll, but how many of us really eat that much veg? Our wheatgrass juice is outdoor grown and a beautiful deep emerald green colour, full of life-giving chlorophyll and a lot easier to consume than 1.5 lbs of greens!

We are so confident that our gorgeous dark green wheatgrass juice gives us heaps of energy and life-giving nutrients, that we offer a 110% health guarantee.

To get your energy-boosting, chlorophyll-rich wheatgrass juice, order here today.

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