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The importance of soil quality for juices

When you drink your favourite superfood juice, you probably don’t think about the soil quality that the raw ingredients were grown in, but you should! 

Crops grown in organic soil are better for you, the planet and the taste and here are some reasons why:

Nutrient factors:

  • More antioxidants – A recent study showed that organic produce has higher- levels of antioxidants, in fact, up to 20-40% more.
  • Less heavy metals - organically produced goods have sustainability lower levels of heavy metals and chemicals due to no pesticides.
  • Fresher – as no preservatives are used the products are by definition fresher.

Environmental factors:

  • Soil - Chemicals sprayed on non-organic crops, kill everything other than the crop itself. This includes the living organisms that a plant needs to grow and make the soil nutrient rich.
    • Diversity- organic farming supports pollinators. Pesticides do not differentiate between good and bad bugs, it just kills them all. In order to maintain our planet, we need to keep some biodiversity, from bees and bugs to bulls.
    • Climate change - organic farming can help combat climate change. If half of all farming in the EU converted to organic by 2030, we could cut almost a quarter of EU greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Water - in many areas, pollution of groundwater by fertilisers and pesticides is a real problem. With organic farming, this is greatly reduced.

    Our superfood juices are outdoor grown on our farm in organic soil, flash frozen and never powdered- to bring you the best that nature has to offer. To order yours simply visit our shop today.

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