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Look and feel your best this summer

Summer is here, we can meet our friends, have picnics, wear summer clothes and bare our limbs to the sun - hooray for summer - or is it?

What about sunburn, lockdown love handles, and skin that hasn't seen the sun in weeks? Last week we gave a few tips for re-entering the social world with some simple recipe tips, this week we look at how you can look and feel your best as you prepare for the summer of 2020.

Beautiful skin

They say that beauty comes from within and with your skin this is often the case, what you drink or eat can affect how your skin appears. We have to take extra special care during the warmer summer months to ensure that our skin doesn't get dehydrated and balance our Pimm's with water to ensure that we stay looking our best. Fortunately, there are some fantastic tasty foods that can help you eat your way to great skin, read our blog post on eating your way to great skin here.

Sunburn is obviously not desirable as it causes damage to the skin and let's face it isn't very attractive! so wherever possible use a good suncream or wear a hat to make sure that all the good work you are doing for your skin internally isn't wasted by what you do externally.

Adding one of our superfoods juices to your water is a great way to add taste, nutrition, and vitamins to your hydration.

Detox your way to health and happiness

Having spent more time inside recently and maybe more snacking, maybe it's time to think of giving your body an internal cleanse, wash out the old and bring in the new more slender, more vitalised you. Detoxing has so many benefits both physically and mentally as we start to move into summer and those shorts maybe it's worth a try. if you are interested to learn more about how to detox, visit our blog post on "3 Important reasons why we should detox regularly" here

When you are feeling great you generally look great, our superfood juices are brimming with vitamins and nutrients to make sure you feel your best all year round but especially when its time to get out the swimsuit!!!

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