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Is Wheatgrass powder as good as fresh?

No. We think the very best type of wheatgrass product is wheatgrass juice derived from live outdoor-grown, organic wheatgrass.

This is because fresh wheatgrass or barley grass juice compared to powder grasses is a very similar comparison to a fresh apple compared to a dried, powderised apple! The dried, powderised apple is not ‘a live food’, meaning it has lost the beneficial ‘zest’ and enzymes. Similarly, dried powderised wheatgrass has lost the ‘zest’ and the enzymes.

With our outdoor grown organic wheatgrass, you can be sure that nothing is added and nothing is taken away, meaning that what you receive is pure organic juiced wheatgrass.

We harvest, juice and flash freeze quickly to ensure that no enzymes or nutrients are lost, making it simple and convenient for you to know that you are getting simply the best product that nature can supply.

To find out more please watch this short film on the benefits of outdoor grown, organic live wheatgrass juice.


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