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Is Wheatgrass Juice good during pregnancy?

Wheatgrass juice is a powerhouse of a superfood containing high levels of Vitamins A, B5, B12 & E.

Wheatgrass juice can help maintain energy levels, and a healthy immune system and support good digestive health. With high levels of chlorophyll, its antioxidant qualities can stimulate blood circulation and help detoxify the body.

Wheatgrass juice is excellent in pregnancy as it contains so many vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial enzymes, supporting your and your baby's health.

Add to this then benefits to the skin and hair and it's a nutrient-rich winner for women during pregnancy.

Our wheatgrass juice is pure and organic, gently harvested and flash frozen to retain all its goodness.

It is recommended that women consume folate, or the more commonly known synthetic version- folic acid, which is much less effective. Folate reduces the risk of fetal complications, especially those involving the spine and brain, and helps create red blood cells.

Folate occurs naturally in foods such as beans, green leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, beetroot and citrus fruits.

The best thing for a healthy pregnancy is a healthy diet. Using superfoods can help boost your vitamin and nutrient intake and one of the most convenient ways to do this is by drinking superfood juices.

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