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Is Wheatgrass Juice Difficult to Digest?

One common concern about wheatgrass juice is that it may be difficult to digest. This may be because we think of it as a grass but as Ann Wigmore, a renowned pioneer in the use of wheatgrass said, "we can’t break down the cell walls of the wheatgrass like cows can, and that is why we juice it."

However, wheatgrass juice is beneficial to most people and in fact, the digestive enzymes found in the juice actually help to improve digestion intake over time.

Its rich enzymes help the breakdown of food, it also helps us to absorb the nutrients we are consuming. In addition high levels of chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice help cleanse toxins from our gut, helping us maintain optimum digestive health.

If you are concerned about digesting wheatgrass juice, start with small doses and gradually increase your intake over time.

Making simple changes to your diet can do wonders for your gut health, and our superfood juices make it easy and delicious. Why not give it a try and see what they can do for you. Visit our shop here today to find out more.

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