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Is organic important for the planet?

 The simple answer is yes!!

Organic farming not only provides nutritious food but is also good for the environment in a variety of ways.

Saves water – organic produce tends to need less water than conventional farming and any water that runs off is not polluted with pesticides.

Healthy soil – by releasing nutrients found in compost and manure organic farming helps to nurture the soil and thus the habitat around it. 

Helps reach carbon neutral – Organic farmlands store more carbon than non-organic, with an average increase of 2.2% per year when converting from non-organic

Encourages pollinators – organic farming encourages biodiversity including insects and bees. Bees are important pollinators and extremely important for the planet

Reduces agricultural emissionsResearch shows that if Europe’s farmland all followed organic principles, agricultural emissions could drop by 40-50% by 2050. 

Better for humans – with fewer pesticides and antibiotics organic produce is healthier for us. to consume

What’s good for us is good for the planet so a win-win for all.

Our superfoods juices are outdoor grown in organic soil and flash-frozen to preserve optimum nutrients. To order yours visit our shop today.

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