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How much wheatgrass juice should I drink daily?

The short answer to this is at least one sachet (1oz/28ml) per day. Our organic live wheatgrass juice is packed with nutrients and has fabulous health benefits for our everyday lives.

I started Britt's Superfoods with one simple mission - to give you the power to take charge of your health and well-being. You may decide that you would like to take two, three, or even more sachets per day and this is up to you, depending on your own personal circumstances, needs, and how you feel.

As a guideline, we have a recommended dose table but are always here to chat if you would like some help to discuss your wheatgrass needs.

Children  1/4 to 1/2 of one ounce or 28ml sachet
Under 50 years of age and average weight
Women: min.1-2 ounces (28-56ml) per day
Men: min. 2 or 3 (56-84ml) ounces per day
Over 50 years of age or above-average weight
Women: min. 2-3 (56-84ml) ounces per day Men: min. 3 or 4 (84-112) ounces per day
Seeking major changes
Those trying to affect a major change should discuss dosage with a qualified nutritionist. However, typically it may be recommended that you start with 4-6 ounces (112-140) per day for 2 months, then you can re-evaluate and decide whether to continue, discontinue or economise.

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