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How do you drink Wheatgrass?

Our gorgeous fresh live organic wheatgrass juice is delivered to you frozen to ensure that all the nutrients are safely locked in until you want to consume them. When they arrive, simply pop them in your home freezer until you are ready to use.

When you are ready for your superfood boost simply remove from the freezer, cut the top off and and add to your preferred mixer. Alternatively, you can place the sachets in tepid water for 10 min and then add to your juice or smoothie.

We recommend using the juice as soon after defrosting as possible to ensure that you retain as many of the fabulous nutrients and vitamins as possible.

Once you are ready to enjoy your live organic wheatgrass juice, the question of how is up to you. What do you fancy? Do you feel like a long drink or a shot? A cooler? or a smoothie? Our fresh organic wheatgrass juice is tasty and convenient, each sachet is a one-shot 28ml. Some like to take it as a shot, others prefer to mix with their favourite juice and others like to blend into a smoothie.

Here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy a fresh organic wheatgrass juice:

Moustache making taste of summer

This delicious blend may give you a bit of a green moustache but it's worth it, simply blend pineapple, apple juice, elderflower cordial, mint, lime, and Britt's Superfood's wheatgrass juice and you have summer in a glass- refreshingly good!

Green smoothy

This filling combination is a winner all year round, wheatgrass juice, pineapple juice, half a banana, and berries, give you healthy in a glass. Add some edible petals for a taste of nuttiness and you will have crazy energy all day long.

Simply with apple juice

For a quick refreshing boost simply mix wheatgrass juice with apple juice and enjoy.

These are just some of our favorites, we would love to know yours, if you have a favorite way to drink our organic wheatgrass juice please let us know, you can email us here and we look forward to seeing best way to drink wheatgrass juice

To order your fresh organic wheatgrass juice to enjoy however you wish visit our shop here today.

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