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How can i make wheatgrass at home?

 If you have green fingers, you might be thinking about growing and harvesting your own wheatgrass. But it can be trickier than you think. The production process behind our organic wheatgrass juice is highly skilled and based on years of know-how and experience! 

  • Our wheatgrass is grown outdoors in the Northamptonshire countryside using organic farming methods and natural season cycles, which not only protect the environment but ensures our crop has deep roots in richly nutritious soil.
  • We harvest the wheatgrass when it reaches its optimum height (between 10cm and 17cm). At that point, it contains its most powerful energy and no gluten, before its next significant spurt of growth.
  • As no pesticides or toxins are used in the growing process, all the crop needs is a thorough wash to remove soil.
  • After washing, the wheatgrass is quickly juiced, just a few short hours after being taken from the field.
  • The juice is immediately packed into handy 30ml sachets and flash-frozen to preserve those all-important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes contained within fresh wheatgrass.
  • Our juice is then stored at -35° to retain its inherent goodness and can be kept in your freezer for a year while losing none of its wholesome nutritional qualities.

Growing your own wheatgrass indoors can also have several problems:

  • The roots cannot go as deep and therefore not absorb the nutrients of organic soil
  • You are more likely to have mould issues with indoor growing
  • It is difficult to achieve the same level of sunlight indoors and thus chlorophyll levels are likely to be lower
  • In our opinion outdoor grown wheatgrass simply tastes better!

So why go through the hassle of attempting to grow and juice your own wheatgrass? If you want organic wheatgrass juice that combines multiple health and wellness benefits with maximum convenience, simply visit our shop here.


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