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Exercise is fun - really!

According to the World Health Organisation, more than one-quarter of the world's adult population don't get enough exercise and there has been no improvement in levels of physical activity since 2001.

Many can relate to this, starting off the year with good resolutions and gradually dropping off and reverting to a sedentary lifestyle, but why? we know we should exercise, that it is good for us and will help us keep healthy.

The big answer seems to be that it's not fun when exercise becomes a chore there are many other things we would rather do and we simply do them instead. The key to maintaining a good regime is for it to be fun and something that you look forward to.

Here are a few fun ideas to keep you moving:

  1. Schedule a regular walk with friends, fresh air, a good chat and getting your legs moving is perfect for both mental and physical health. When a social side is added to an activity, we are far more likely to continue as generally, we don't want to let others down and enjoy companionship.
  2. Join a team. If you like football, walking tennis, bowls or golf, joining the local team is more likely to make you continue. A regular time and people you don't want to let down will encourage you to continue and before you know it, you will forget that it's exercise
  3. Get on your bike. Even if it's been a while since you have ridden cycling in the fresh air can be just the tonic. With many cafes being set up for cyclists you could even reward yourself with a nice cup of tea halfway through your ride
  4. Get competitive. Download an app and set yourself a target. You can compete against yourself, others or as a team. There are so many apps that have been designed to be used at home from a 7-minute workout to cycling the Tour De France, find one that gets you excited a go for it!
  5. Consider exercise ' me time', if it's listening to a podcast whilst you walk, watching your favourite TV programme whilst on the treadmill at the gym or meditating whilst doing yoga. Enjoy the space of your exercise and treat your physical and mental health together.

There are many ways to keep active and get fit, choose one that fits in with your lifestyle enjoy it.

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