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Does wheatgrass juice hydrate you?

It is recommended that you drink two litres of water each day so why not try adding some flavour with our wheatgrass juice to effortlessly up your hydration levels.

Wheatgrass juice is a powerhouse of a superfood and contains particularly high levels of vitamins A and E and 92 minerals (out of the 102 we need), 21 amino acids (out of a possible 24) and over 80 enzymes.

It aids digestion and helps with the absorption of minerals and vitamins so adding it to your daily smoothie or juice can not only help with hydration but give you a fantastic energy boost as well- what’s not to love.

With our 100% health guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so visit our shop here today to orders yours. 


Your health guarantee applies to one month order only. If you have ordered a larger supply, your 110% product refund will apply only to one month supply of that order. 

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