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Does wheatgrass juice help brain fog?

Poor memory, forgetting things, lack of focus and general fuzziness are often attributed to brain fog.

Many people experience this from time to time but obviously would prefer not to.

Consuming wheatgrass juice can help with these symptoms as it is a great source of B vitamins.

An Oxford University study found that these vitamins work synergistically to reduce brain atrophy, improve brain function, and dramatically reduce brain shrinkage in the part of the brain most affected by Alzheimer’s.

Wheatgrass juice also has high quantities of Vitamin E , which has antioxidant qualities. Some studies suggest that Vitamin E deficiency is related to poor cognitive function, while other studies showed it had the ability to protect cognitive function.

Wheatgrass juice is rich in many brain food nutrients and is considered to be a complete food in itself.  Try adding wheatgrass juice with your vegetables for good brain health.


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