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Choose Wisely: Fresh or Powdered Wheatgrass?

When contrasting fresh wheatgrass juice with its powdered counterpart, it's akin to comparing a plucked apple to its desiccated, powdered form. Just as the freshness of the apple retains its natural vibrancy and essential nutrients, fresh wheatgrass juice brims with vitality and abundant enzymes, while powdered wheatgrass lacks these vital elements.

The composition and quality of powdered wheatgrass products fluctuate widely, influenced by factors such as potency, organic certification, the presence of added sugars, and blending techniques. Nevertheless, frozen wheatgrass juice maintains its nutritional richness and potency, paralleling freshly juiced wheatgrass, thanks to the preservation of molecular activity during the freezing process.

By storing wheatgrass juice at -18°C, Britt's Superfoods ensures the preservation of its exceptional quality and nutritional benefits. Their organic wheatgrass juice, nurtured in pristine outdoor settings, offers consumers an uncomplicated and pure choice that guarantees superior taste and nutritional content.

To summarise, while powdered wheatgrass may offer some convenience, fresh and frozen wheatgrass juice eclipses it in terms of nutritional value, potency, and overall quality. This makes it the preferred option for health-conscious consumers seeking maximum benefits from this superfood. To order yours visit our shop here today.


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