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Can you drink wheatgrass with hot water?

When it's dark and rainy outside, it's comforting to curl up indoors on the sofa with a warming drink. However, try to resist the temptation to add hot water to your wheatgrass juice in cold weather. 

Drinking our organic wheatgrass juice as soon as possible after defrosting will allow you to get the maximum health benefits from this fantastic superfood juice. We lovingly grow our wheatgrass in organic soil and harvest at just the right time to ensure optimal nutritional value. We juice immediately after harvest to ensure that you get the full benefits of all the nutrients of our outdoor grown wheatgrass , including all of the wonderful chlorophyll, so it would be a shame to lose some of these enzymes by heating the wheatgrass juice.

Of course, if you would like to add your wheatgrass juice to your soup or other meal you can and you will still benefit from:

Vitamins - Due to its particularly high levels of vitamins A, B5 and B12, wheatgrass juice helps support physical and mental performance and overall sense of wellbeing.

Minerals – Wheatgrass juice contains 91 minerals of the 102 minerals our bodies need so that metabolic functions can operate at an optimal level.

Amino acids – Amino acids play multiple roles within our bodies, from helping create antibodies that fight infection to repairing muscles, and also assist in maximising the efficiency of our intake of vitamins and minerals.

However, to gain the optimal nutritional value from your wheatgrass juice, we recommend drinking it cold so that your body can take advantage of the immune-boosting, energy-enhancing benefits of this superfood juice.

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