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Can humans digest wheatgrass?

No, BUT we can digest wheatgrass juice.

Ann Wigmore, a renowned pioneer in the use of wheatgrass said, "we can’t break down the cell walls of the wheatgrass like cows can, and that is why we juice it."

Humans lack the basic enzymes to break down grass, due to the complex carbohydrate called cellulose that is found in green plants. However, because wheatgrass juice is made from young wheat plants and the juice is extracted from the young leaves, the vitamins and minerals derived from this can be absorbed.

Wheatgrass juice actually supports digestion as its rich enzymes help the breakdown of food, it also helps us to absorb the nutrients we are consuming. In addition high levels of chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice help cleanse toxins from our gut, helping us maintain optimum digestive health.

Fortunately, there is no need for you to eat wheatgrass as we have grown, picked, juiced, and prepared it for you.

You simply need to order here and enjoy it.


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