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5 good reasons to pamper yourself

 There is always a reason to put ourselves last, the kids need you, it’s too expensive, you haven’t got time etc. However, research is showing just how important it is to give yourself some pampering time and to relax a little. Here are 5 good reasons:

  1. Stress is a killer

Research has found that those who don’t manage stress are more likely to die early. Stress can take a toll on our body and manifest itself in many forms from headaches to insomnia and longer-term from obesity to heart disease. By taking time to pamper yourself you relax, unwind, and protect your health.

  1. Protect your mental health

In today’s world, we are all rushing from here to there and have little time to stop, think and regroup. By taking time out to read a book, have a bath or simply have five minutes alone time, we are protecting against possible mental health problems and looking after ourselves,

 The charity Mind has some useful tips on how to do this.  

  1. Improve your relationships

If you are less stressed, you are generally nicer to be around. Your partner, children and friends will appreciate a calmer you and it’s easier to get close to a relaxed person. You could include your loved ones in your pampering by going on a walk together, enjoying some outdoor time or even sharing a bath!

  1. Improve immunity

Several sources  are beginning to recognise that those who pamper themselves are less likely to get ill, get better sleep and have an improved body image.

  1. Get a better nights sleep

Stress can make it tricky to get a good nights sleep and as our body repairs itself whilst we sleep, less sleep means less time for repairs. By participating in pampering activities and relaxing, the body and mind are less stressed and therefore it’s easier to get a good night sleep.

There is now no excuse not to plan a little ‘me time’, the only question is now how? 

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