Elixir Vitality Juice

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  • Elixir Vitality Juice

Elixir Vitality Juice

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Each bag contains: 20 x 28ml sachets.

Each sachet of juice contains:

  • 34% Pomegranate
  • 34% Red Grapes
  • 18% Goji Berries
  • 10% Raspberries
  • 3.5% Raw Aloe Vera
  • 0.5% Matcha Tea

Aside from its delicious taste, our fresh, raw Elixir Vitality juice is an incredible anti-oxidant and provides a natural energy boost. The high levels of vitamins and nutrients it contains also boosts the immune system, supports blood cell development and assists with healthy skin, nails and vision.

Check out the product benefits tab for further information.

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    Delivery to United Kingdom: Main land, Scotland (up to Glasgow, Aberdeen and Peterhead):

    Free for Juice Club and Detox Members

    £8.00 flat rate

    Delivery to Scottish highlands (excluding Aberdeen and Peterhead) & Scottish Islands:

    £10.00 flat rate plus £8.00 surcharge outside the Juice Club, surcharge only within the Juice Club.

    Next Day Delivery not available to Scottish Offshore Islands

    Delivery to Channel Islands:

    This delivery service can take between 2 to 3 days and we guarantee frozen delivery.

    Alderney, Sark and Herm:  £10 flat rate plus £12 surcharge outside the Juice Club, surcharge only within the Juice Club.

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    Delivery to Isle of Man & Northern Ireland

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    £8 flat rate plus £15 surcharge outside the Juice Club, surcharge only within the Juice Club.

    Delivery to Isle of Wight

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  • Elixir Vitality is 100% pure frozen, raw juice containing 34% freshly juiced Pomegranates, 34% freshly juiced Red Grapes, 10% freshly juiced Raspberries, 18% freshly juiced Goji berries, 3.5% raw Aloe Vera and 0.5% Matcha Green Tea.

    Each specifically chosen for their remarkable health benefits, carefully selected to form a full nutritional picture designed to invigorate and help your body operate at it’s peak health potential.

    Elixir Vitality Juice is fresh, raw and unprocessed juice – a unique product developed and produced by LiveWheatgrass Ltd.

    Goji Berries. Did you know?

    • These berries have been used as a nutritional powerhouse for thousands of years by the Chinese.
    • Uniquely among fruits, Goji berries contain the highest concentration of protein of any fruit.
    • They contain 2.5 times the amount of vitamin C than lemons and other similar fruits.

    How big are the bags?

    Each bag comes with 20 x 30 ml sachets. The bag size is: 33cm x 22cm x 5cm (13in x 8.7in x 2in). You can easily fit 6 bags into one drawer in an upright freezer.

    Will it arrive frozen and in top quality?

    YES. We have overnight delivery and we GUARANTEE it will stay frozen until late evening in our specialised packaging. No fuss…

    The best way to enjoy it?

    For best results drink Elixir Vitality on an empty stomach in the morning and afternoon. Use from frozen. Place the frozen juice cups in a large bowl of lukewarm water for 10-15 min to defrost-or simply use a blender and wizz for 30 sec. This deliciously tasting juice can be enjoyed with a little water or apple juice for a great taste.

    Is our Elixir Vitality expensive?

    NO. You will improve your health for £2.30 per day (£16.10 per week) when you purchase 1 bag with 20 sachets.

    This is a top quality, unique product. You can make it your One Healthy Habit A Day and enjoy all the benefits for just £2.30 per day (if you order within the Juice Club it is even less).

    How long can you keep the Juice in your freezer?

    We have tested our Superfood juice through our collaboration with an independent university. The research shows that there is no loss of antioxidants and chlorophyll up to 2 years in the freezer (see our research here). This means you can purchase several bags at the discounted bulk price and simply store in your home freezer.

  • Elixir Vitality Juice has excellent anti-oxidant properties and is a great source of energy due to the nutrients listed below. The 100% natural juice contains the finest raw ingredients, including Goji berries, Aloe Vera and Matcha Green Tea. Elixir Vitality Juice contains high levels of Vitamins A, C, B2, and K, Iron and Selenium and may therefore support your health:

    • Vitamin C supports collagen for normal skin & nails
    • Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative stress to support normal health
    • Vitamin A contributes to normal skin and vision
    • Vitamin A & C contribute to normal functioning of the immune system
    • Iron contributes to reduction of tiredness and helps reduce tiredness & fatigue
    • Iron supports normal cell division
    • Iron contributes to normal red blood cell development and supports oxygen transport in the body
    • * Minimum 1 serving cup per day (30ml) to obtain these benefits (8.95mg/day).
    • ** Minimum 2 serving cups per day (60ml) to obtain these benefits (137 mcg/day).
    • *** Minimum 3 serving cups per day (90ml) to obtain these benefits (1.33 mg/day).


    General Nutritional

    100ml %RDA in


    Calories 156.3 Kcal
    Protein 2.4g
    Carbohydrates 30.9g
       (of which sugars) (23g)
    Fat 1.9g
       (of which saturates) (0g)
    Fibre 6.1g
    Salt 0g
    Vitamin A 275 µg 30%
    Vitamin B2 0.2 mg 18%
    Vitamin C 43 mg 72%
    Vitamin K 20.7 µg 25.5%
    Iron 1.6 mg 18%
    Selenium 9 mg 16%