It Takes Guts

It Takes Guts

Our guest writer this week is Colon therapist, Julia Loggins, who is associated with the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in the US.

Julia struggled with her health early in her life, and explains: “I was hospitalized for months yearly for bleeding ulcers, colitis, and gut-related diseases such as asthma and life-threatening allergies. I saved my own life after doctors had given me a death sentence of ‘incurable’ illnesses. Thirty years later, as a certified colon therapist in private practice, I know without a doubt that taking care of gut health is the passport to energy, vitality and optimism”

Scientific studies from around the world have now shown what Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) has taught for decades — that the gut is where disease starts and healing begins.
If your gut is healthy, you are happy.

70 – 80% of our immune system resides in the gut. Thanks to Dr. Michael Gershon’s ground-breaking book, The Second Brain, we now know that 90% of the happiness hormone serotonin (actually a neurotransmitter), is produced in the gut.

Eat Easy-to-Digest High-Nutrition Foods

Julie explains that she struggled with stomach and intstinal scaring. “I drank nut milks and green juices; and ate blended soups, sprouts and avocados, until my gut healed. If you cannot digest and assimilate a food, it will rot in your stomach and ferment in your gut”.

Fast One Day a Week on Green Juices

Wheatgrass juice and green juices are nature’s miracle healers. Chlorophyll will not only nourish you, but begin to detoxify you, gently and safely. Foregoing solid food one day a week is like giving your tummy a five-star vacation.
Research into distal ulcerative colitis has found that treatment with wheatgrass was associated with significant reductions in the overall disease and in the severity of rectal bleeding. Another study demonstrated that the components of wheatgrass juice include chlorophyll, vitamins A, C, and E, and various amino acids. It was concluded that wheatgrass juice is anti-mutagenic (prevents mutations of DNA). Also, one constituent of wheatgrass is apigenin, which is believed to possess both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The research articles are listed at the end of this article.

Take Food Enzymes

Food enzymes assist the most challenged guts to assimilate and properly eliminate what you eat. By using food enzymes, especially with protein and carb meals, you will enjoy more energy, stabilize blood sugar, and lose that sleepy, dazed feeling that often comes after a meal. Do not leave home without them!

Love Your Lymph

We cannot effectively detoxify without focusing on drainage first. A key system for our body’s drainage is the lymph. The lymph plays a critical role in our immune health and is responsible for ridding the body of inflammation. We can love our lymph through daily dry skin brushing, bouncing gently on rebounders and accessing professional lymphatic therapy.

Detox with Colonics and Enemas

People ask me, “Why are colonics and enemas necessary? Don’t our bodies eliminate by themselves?” My answer is, yes, maybe one hundred years ago, prior to the chemical age. This is no longer true. We connect with 2500 chemicals daily, which become stuck in our vital organs, and begin to kill us. The body is not designed to assimilate or eliminate chemicals.

The colon holds large amounts of waste, which means other parts of our body can function. Fortunately these waste products, now also containig alien chemicals, can paralyze livers and kidneys, stop metabolism, and diminish thinking processes. New clients get colonics because they are sick and their gut hurts. Seasoned clients get colonics because they love the clarity they feel with a clean colon.

Stress is another key factor that rules gut health. Stress has an influence on the gut equal to or beyond what we eat. We cannot heal our bellies without calming our minds, whether through meditation or movement such as dance, yoga, or Tai Chi. Offer yourself time to relax and play. You are not childish when you are being child-like. Living stress-free may save your life; and it will definitely remind you that your life is worth saving.

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