What's the difference between powdered and fresh wheatgrass?

The answer is quite a lot!

At Britt’s Superfoods, we believe the best way to obtain the maximum benefits of wheatgrass is to consume it in the form of raw, organic wheatgrass juice.

Our founder Dr Britt Cordi PhD likes to make a comparison of our fresh juices and powdered versions with a fresh and a dried, apple: a fresh apple is a ‘live food’, full of beneficial ‘zest’ and enzymes, which are lost when the apple is dried and processed. In the same way, wheatgrass can lose a lot of its benefits when it is converted into a dry powder.

Added to which, as with any manufactured food, the quality of powdered wheatgrass products cannot be guaranteed; their strength may be variable, they may contain sugars or other unknown substances, they may not be grown organically – and in our opinion, they usually don’t taste as good as our fresh field-grown wheatgrass juice either!

We harvest, juice and flash freeze our wheatgrass juice quickly, so when you purchase it, you are guaranteed:

  • It has been grown organically, drawing its nutrients from the soil, just as nature intended.
  • Grown by natural traditional methods
  • Does not contain sugars.
  • Does not contain Gluten
  • The speed with which it is processed from field to freezer means that It is a live food, full of zest.
  • It is packed with health-giving vitamins, minerals and enzymes. With high levels of Vitamins A,B5,B12 & E   
  • It contains high volumes of chlorophyll, from which your body can derive the maximum goodness to help support good health.

And don’t forget, our fresh, raw wheatgrass juice comes with a 110% health guarantee, so you can buy your supplies with complete confidence here.