What is a superfood smoothie?

Smoothies are a fantastic way to start the day or indeed anytime you are looking for a tasty meal. However, what you put into the smoothie depends on what you get out. It may seem obvious, but many smoothies contain added sugars or preservatives, diluting any beneficial effects they could have, so it's important to start with the right ingredients.

A smoothie contains two basic ingredients fruit and or vegetables and a liquid, usually milk, fruit juice or vegetable juice.

A superfood smoothie incorporates a superfood, which by definition is a nutrient-rich ingredient that provides a healthy helping of vitamins and minerals.

The mixture of ingredients very much depends on personal preference and tastes and what you are trying to achieve from your smoothie.

Here are a couple of our superfood smoothie favourites:

Pink power

1/2 cup fresh or frozen beetroot juice

1/4 cup coconut water

2-3 fresh strawberries, stems removed

1/4 cup frozen strawberries

1/2 banana  

Combine all the ingredients and blend for 15 seconds until smooth.

Go green

1 sachet frozen wheatgrass juice or kale

3/4 cup good quality apple juice OR 3 apples

1 tbsp lemon juice

A pinch of freshly grated ginger (optional)

Simply juice the apples (or use good quality bought juice) and the lemon, transfer to a blender and add the frozen wheatgrass juice and ginger, if using. Blend for 15 seconds - and voila, beauty in a glass!

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