Vitamin D ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ and Wheatgrass

Vitamin D ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ and Wheatgrass

There is overwhelming amounts of information out there when it comes to your health and which supplements you should be taking. I stand in front of stacked shelves in Boots and wonder do I really need them all? Do they really work? My answer to both is NO – nothing can beat eating pure Organic SuperFoods and a healthy balanced diet.

However, there are certain supplements that really will make a difference to your health. Vitamin D is one of the crucial ones and we can only get this powerful vitamin from very few sources. The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ is generally absorbed by the body in two ways – exposure to natural sunlight and through a small number of foods such as fish oils and eggs. This time of year, as the clocks fall back and the darker evenings draw in, it is more essential than ever that we evaluate our health needs and in particular our Vitamin D requirements.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin best known for its role in maintaining proper levels of calcium in the blood. It therefore helps to promote healthy development of bones and teeth.

Recent studies from Denmark have linked Vitamin D deficiency with depression and exhaustion and global research suggests that Vitamin D may play a part in slowing the ageing process and the onset of age-related diseases. It has also been discovered that vitamin D plays a role in fending off viral infections and that the level of vitamin D in the body decreases with age. Researchers are now recognising that we are in the middle of a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic.

In order to keep our Vitamin D metabolism in balance, we require strong amounts of Vitamin K and Vitamin A. Therefore, Wheatgrass juice is ideal in helping us with maintaining this balance as it has a strong combination of these vitamins. We recommend having a 1oz cup of live Wheatgrass juice daily in order to keep your nutrient balance in-check, you may require more if you have any health concerns. Please visit our website to order your fresh juice: or speak to our friendly team.
Vitamin D is an essential supplement as many of us often don’t see the sun on a daily basis and since vitamin D is so important for our health and has been linked to a great number of illnesses, it is well worth getting your vitamin D level tested, particularly if you are suffering with your health. You can do this really easily by ordering a DIY blood test kit from It costs £25 and they will send back your results in the post.

If you discover that you are deficient in Vitamin D, you can order a really high-quality supplement from our reliable source, Nature’s Sunshine, who produce all their products organically in-house. The price is £9.31 for 60 tablets, you can order through Please bear in mind if you have health challenges you may need a larger dose.

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