Spring wheatgrass harvest -  behind the scenes

Many of us may be familiar with seeing tractors rolling across the countryside or watching quaint country programmes on the television. But what goes on during a wheatgrass harvest may be new to many, so we thought we'd give you a sneak peek behind the scenes.

When we began to develop our wheatgrass juice we discovered it must be grown outdoors to reach its full potential, as opposed to being grown in small indoor trays with little or no soil. This is why our wheatgrass is grown outdoors in the countryside during nature’s seasonal cycles over a two to three-month period. 

Our spring harvest is drilled in autumn and grows to an inch or two, and as the temperatures drop and winter approaches, it goes dormant. The roots have been established and the wheatgrass lies under the snow and waits for those spring signs.

Four months later in early spring, as soon as the temperatures rise and the first spring rays hit it, the wheatgrass wakes up, draws a breath and gets ready for a period of rapid growth - much like most plants. The roots develop deeper and when they hit the natural nitrogen levels the whole plant experiences a massive growth spurt and grows about ½ inch a day. 

This very fast growth means that the bouquet is sweet and gentle, the water content higher and the intensity of colour or ‘robe’ as the wine connoisseurs would say, is a slightly lighter green with a tinge of freshness. We use organic traditional deep root farming methods all year round, always ensuring we protect nature and the local environment.

We also use crop rotation techniques and fallowing and fertilise with red clover, which as it grows produces natural nitrogen, thereby feeding the land and our crop. 

We harvest our outdoor grown wheatgrass when it has reached its optimum height of between 10cm and 17cm. This is just before the jointing stage when the plant contains its most powerful energy in preparation for its next significant growth spurt.

Our careful harvest ensures the delicate grass is not bruised. In fact, we recently purchased a new harvesting machine specially designed to ensure the gentle processing of our precious wheatgrass.

Once we have harvested the wheatgrass it simply needs a good wash to get rid of any soil which may remain. Because it's organically farmed, we don’t need to worry about harmful pesticides and toxins. 

It’s then onto juicing! We use industrial-sized juicers to ensure we keep the time between the fields and the freezers to a 

minimum. Our organic products will reach the juicing stage just a few hours after being harvested and quickly made into the smooth juice we know you love! 

Straight from the juicer, our wheatgrass juices are then immediately sealed into convenient 30ml juice sachets, ready to be flash frozen. 

It's widely recognised that the sooner fresh produce is consumed after harvest the more nutritionally rich it is. That’s why we immediately freeze our wheatgrass juices, using blast freezers to preserve the important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Our juice is then stored at -35˚C to guarantee that it retains all of its nutritional qualities when delivered to your door. 

Our spring wheatgrass harvest is renowned for the  fresh green and slightly sweet taste. Any wine connoisseur will tell you the soil quality and the weather are decisive to the bouquet and intensity of the colour of the wine. There are many similarities between winemaking and the making of wheatgrass juice, which is equally dependent on these factors.

The bouquet of our spring harvest wheatgrass has a sweetness and ‘juiciness’ of spring.  To order yours simply visit our shop here today.