How to make a superfood bowl

The great thing about superfood bowls are that they are quick, nutritious and don't make much mess.

You simply need to choose your list of ingredients , including a couple of superfoods, add them to a bowl and enjoy.

Incorporating superfoods into your daily diet is an easy way to give your body the nutrition it needs. Using organic superfoods is a great way to ensure that you avoid nasty pesticides or additives and by using the best that nature has to offer you can be confident that you are doing the utmost to nurture your body.

Nourish your body and lift your spirits with these beautiful bowl recipes or make up your own:

Superfood salad:

Lettuce ,quinoa, tomatoes, flaked almonds and a wheatgrass dressing, make this a superfood salad brimming with nutrients.

For the dressing simply mix one sachet of Britt's Superfoods organic wheatgrass juice with olive oil and a splash of lemon juice.

Superfood breakfast:

Overnight oats, banana, almonds, muesli , peanut butter and Britt's Superfoods ginger, turmeric and apple juice will make sure that you start the day well. Simply mix altogether and enjoy

What will you make with your superfoods? A simple way to add superfoods to your diet is by adding our raw frozen juices to you recipes. To order yours simply visit our shop here.