Digestion is key to Wellness & Health - New research

Digestion is key to Wellness & Health - New research

Healthy digestion is essential for optimal wellness; without it we don't absorb the nutrients from our food; we end up de-energised, under-the-weather and at worst, develop chronic illness as the digestive systems fails to delivery what is necessary to repair, maintain and uphold our day to day health.  

Actually, your intestine is just as important and complex as your brain. Although it's often overlooked and ignored until you get symptoms like gas, bloating, nausea, constipation, indigestion and diarrhea, your gut is responsible for much more than just eating and bowel movement.  

For instance, did you know that your gut has more nerve cells than your entire spinal cord?  Or that it accounts for 75% of your body's immune system?  Or that is houses 400 species of microbes and 100 trillion bacteria?

Dr Rau from the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland has found a strong collation between cancer and unhealthy digestive bacteria, and since my meeting with him I always take my probiotics and go for collonic irrigation twice a year! Also, if you suffer from digestive problems it possible that you have an intolerance to gluten!

Most people seem to need a little assistance with digestion at some point or other... be it sluggishness from over-eating, eating too much of the 'wrong' thing,  or increasing sensitivity to various foods.

Regularly consuming helpful digestive herbs, such as ginger, in your daily cuisine or teas can be really supportive as well as a daily intake of some good quality probiotics from your local health-food store.

Research has shown that wheatgrass juice can be beneficial for digestive issues. There is NO wheat and gluten in wheatgrass and it is very effective inalleviating digestive issues. A detailed study by Ben-Arye and Goldin in patients suffering from the severe digestive IBD condition found that Wheatgrass juice could successfully repair and stop internal bleeding. You can find research articles here on wheatgrass juice. Researchers have concluded that given the popularity in using complimentary therapies for digestive issues doctors and digestive specialists (gastroenterologists) should no longer ignore the potential benefits of these therapies.

Do also stop using gluten products for 1 to 2 months and feel the benefits. 

Gluten Free Secrets

The book that makes gluten free living easy

Did you know that every third American would prefer to avoid gluten altogether in their diet? The same tendency is sweeping through Europe. The number of people who have noticed that less gluten in their food improves their digestion, performance and wellbeing is rising. Unexplained symptoms disappear, digestion problems abate and aching joints are soothed. Recent research shows that far more ailments and disorders than previously thought may be linked to ingestion of gluten.

This fantastic new book by my friend Anette Harbech Olesen is really helpful and good news for everybody who is already living a gluten-free life as well as those who want to cut down on their gluten intake. It is full of inspiring healthy recipes and practical advice on how to reduce gluten intake. Just because your diet is gluten-free, it doesn't mean that you can't have a burger, a crisp pizza, wraps, pancakes, sandwich rolls or even cakes - you'll find recipes for all these and more in Gluten-Free Secrets. You'll also find information on which flours to use as substitutes for wheat, rye and barley, which all contain gluten. Gluten-Free Secrets combines theory and hands-on cooking, offering a host of delicious, appetising recipes for bread, cakes and other dishes.  

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