Can I drink wheatgrass after eating?

Yes, you could, however many people find the most beneficial way to consume wheatgrass juice is on an empty stomach. 

If you suffer from digestive or stomach issues taking wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach can soothe the lining of the stomach and support your health.

In fact, as wheatgrass juice can give you an energy boost, we recommend taking it first thing in the morning and if you suffer from that afternoon slump take another shot then.

However, you enjoy your wheatgrass juice, with regular consumption you will notice the benefits of its fantastic nutritional properties. We are so confident that you will feel the benefits of our juices that we will give you a 110% refund on your first one month order if you don't feel the benefits after one month. 

That's a wheatgrass win for everyone.

Why not see what a difference it can make to your digestive health with one of our freshly frozen, organic, field-grown superfood juices?