Are powders healthy?


Britt’s Superfoods only sells organic live wheatgrass juice and other superfood juices, so we’re not experts on powder products, but as far as we’re concerned, fresh is always best! 

One of the problems with powders is that the processing procedure they undergo may eradicate important nutritional ingredients like fibre and water; fibre is essential for good digestion, while water helps to create a feeling of fullness so that we don’t overeat at mealtimes. 

Powders may also contain concentrated extracts, which can interact adversely with other vitamin supplements or medicines; green powders, in particular, tend to be high in vitamin K, which can reduce the effectiveness of the blood-thinning medication. 

Their formula may also incorporate additives such as sweeteners, grain fillers, vitamins derived from animal products – and even toxins if the original product has been grown in polluted soil.

With our nutrient-rich field-grown wheatgrass juice, you can be assured that you know exactly what you are consuming: 

  • It is grown using traditional farming methods in organic soil.
  • Once harvested, it is quickly flash-frozen to preserve all its natural goodness.
  • It naturally contains fibre and water to support a healthy digestive system.
  • It is full of vitamins A, B5, B12 and E and chlorophyll, plus minerals, enzymes and amino acids. 
  • It contains no artificial colours, flavours, sugars or preservatives and is 100% vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

You can try the natural health benefits of drinking fresh raw wheatgrass juice for yourself risk-free, as we offer a 110% refund on your first one-month order if you don’t feel the natural health benefits in one month. To order yours, visit our shop here today.