Are powdered superfoods good for you?

Nothing can replace the nutrients and vitamins you receive from eating whole foods but powdered superfoods can sometimes be beneficial.

Our question is, why would you consume powders when you can have fresh? Powders can be compared to a dried powderised apple compared to a fresh apple. 

A  more beneficial way to consume superfoods is the fresh frozen outdoor and organically grown variety.  This is like enjoying your apple fresh and juicy.

This is because:

  • Green superfoods contain the maximum amount of chlorophyll so the maximum amount of goodness. 
  • They are a 'live food' so contain all of their zest
  • Grasses contain no sugars as they have had time to grow naturally
  • Are pure and take many nutrients from the organic soil
  • Have high levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes  

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