Are microgreens a superfood?

Microgreens are the small vegetables you often see as garnishes on food, they look pretty but this decoration also offers a good nutritional hit. 

Harvested before the plant puts its energy into growing, this helps condense the nutrients and vitamins. 

study in the USA found that some microgreens contained more vitamins and carotenoids than mature plants with red cabbage having 26 times more Vitamin K1, six times more Vitamin C and 40 times more Vitamin E than its mature counterpart. Other studies have shown results where certain vitamins were 9 times higher and in some cases 25 times higher than in the mature versions.

Of course, like their mature counterparts, there are variations across the range of microgreens. This is due to the variety, how they are grown, what light source is used, when they are harvested etc. However, some studies have also shown that mature leaves have greater nutritional value.

Whilst microgreens are healthy, contain many nutrients and vitamins and look and taste great, they can’t replace the fibre provided by fully grown vegetables so whilst a great addition to any diet we don't think they fall into the superfood category just yet.

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