Are green powders a waste of money?

We’d suggest there are a number of reasons why our fresh wheatgrass juice is better value for money than a powdered brand.

  • The lengthy manufacturing processes that reduce greens to powder form can mean that their inherent goodness deteriorates, as they lose their zest and enzymes. Our wheatgrass is harvested, juiced and flash-frozen with as little delay as possible to ensure its nutrient-rich content of vitamins A, B5, B12 and E, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll remains as fresh as possible.
  • Fibre and water are both important in maintaining a healthy digestive system and flushing out toxins from the body, but the nature of green powders means that these can be extracted during manufacture. In contrast, as it contains high levels of chlorophyll and enzymes, our raw wheatgrass juice helps to promote good digestive health.
  • In the past, some green powders have been found to contain contaminants, often derived from the soil the greens have been grown in. Our wheatgrass juice is grown organically, using traditional methods, so there is no risk of contamination by artificial fertilisers or pesticides in the soil.
  • Sometimes other substances are added to powders to improve bulk, make their taste or appearance more attractive or even replace vitamins lost during manufacturing. Our raw wheatgrass juice is 100% pure and contains no artificial colours, flavours, sugars or preservatives. 

So, if you want to consume wheatgrass juice that is guaranteed pure and contains as much natural goodness as possible, buy your supply of organic, raw wheatgrass juice at our shop today.