Creme Fraiche avec Wheatgrass

Creme Fraiche avec Wheatgrass
About the Recipe:

Children love this, as do adults because it looks beautiful. This mix works in a multitude of things. Try it on whole meal pasta, try it on a piece of griddles salmon, it works on scrambled eggs and it works as a dip with raw vegetables.
In short, it works!


1-2 Oz Defrosted Wheatgrass Juice (Link)
2-4 Spoons of Creme Fraiche (low %)


Mix in a small bowl your Creme Fraiche and the wheatgrass juice, personally I use 2 x 1Oz tubs for this but it depends on how much Creme Fraiche you use, otherwise it can get a bit runny.
Mix gently and then with your bowl of soup, which should be warm but not steaming, swirl your bowl with a spoon.
Bon Appétit!

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